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Address: Corso Saba, 36 Trieste


Tel. +39 040630576 – Mob. +39 3665973499


How reach us

To get to Residenza Corso Saba is very easy. We highly recommend you to set you GPS should you reach us by car, and select parking “SABA” which is 3 minutes walking from us and where we have an agreement thanks to you can only pay 10.00 euro per day. Anycase, here you can read a small useful summary should you come using public transportations:

  • From the central train station you can get public bus number 23 (5 minutes ride) till stop of Corso Saba 7, then walking straight to us. Alternatively you can get bus 20 and 21 which are a little bit longer (7 minutes), or 40 and 41. Also, if you are good walkers, you can come here walking (15 minutes trip, 1.5 kms more or less)
  • From Ronchi dei Legionari Airport (TRS) you can take bus number 51 (4.05 euro per person) till Autostazioni of Trieste, then bus as if you were coming from the train station since it’s the same route.

Parking is really hard in town, but there’s a parking lot no more than 100 meters far from us, called “Parking Saba” where we have an agreement which allows you leaving your car there at the price of 10 euro every 24 hours.

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